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From the most sophisticated guidance and advanced communications systems needed for state of the art combat aircraft to guided missiles which require the utmost in confidentiality, the US government, and prime, defense contractors, have trusted Custom Aerospace to provide components that perform reliably through the most unpredictable circumstances.

We service a broad range of defense contractors and government agencies by manufacturing components that span land, sea, and air defense systems such as radio and control chassis, housings for targeting and navigation, communications and guidance devices.

Commercial Aerospace

Manufacturers of aerospace electronic and flight control hardware, as well as structural components, must meet the highest call for quality, safety, and durability.

Custom Aerospace’s expertise and advanced manufacturing methods allow us to support prime contractors in meeting the unique project requirements and rigorous industry specifications called for in applications designed for the demanding aerospace operating environment.

We manufacture a diverse range of products including commercial aircraft escape system components, aspirators, composite tooling, emergency deployment systems and pressurized cabin hardware.


Satellites, launch vehicles, and related ground support equipment, are complex systems where performance is imperative. Space applications require the most delicate workmanship and tightest tolerances with weight, material and precision manufacturing calling for specialized and differentiating manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs of this niche market.

Custom Aerospace has a long and proven track record servicing this market’s technically demanding and unique specifications including producing contamination-free surfaces and manufacturing products including space station electro-optic housing components, complex satellite space transport containers, communication and RF signal transponder equipment, electronics chassis and many other structural components.

Specialized Industrial

From the transformational effects of technology and automation to the ever-increasing need to provide safe more efficient sources of energy Industrial applications are rapidly evolving and becoming increasingly more sophisticated and technically demanding from a manufacturing perspective.

With extensive experience and capabilities in a wide range of demanding industrial applications, from robotics to hydrogen fuel systems, Custom Aerospace helps manufacturers meet unique production challenges by producing their most complex components and assemblies, with electromechanical robotic articulating arms and assemblies, hydrogen fuel cells, aspirators and high-pressure rotary hose assemblies representing just some of what drives this industrial sector for Custom Aerospace.